Exceeded our expectations by a wide margin.
On time, fresh, gourmet  food.
Words can not say enough...And what a nice guy too! This guy went out of his way and it shows!!!
Glatt Kosher service that can NOT be beat....Our guests were raving and now so are We!!!
Bravo Simon...Now we know what makes you the best!

                                                                    -Arie G.

Dear Simon, On behalf of Lewis and Zadok families, I want to tell you how totally pleased we are with you and your catering staff. The wedding was almost 4 weeks ago, and our guests are still raving about the different varieties of food, as well as the quality and the beautiful presentation. Since it was a destination wedding for almost all of our 200 guests, with people coming from Israel, England, Texas, Florida, New York, and even California, we really wanted them to have a fabulous time. They said it was a Fairy Tale wedding and everyone mentioned the extraordinary food. Thank you for all your hard work and effort that helped to make Michelle and Jonathan's wedding a true Fairy Tale. - H.W. Zadock

The best choice you can make for your party. Simon’s Caterers & Special Events would make an ordinary event extra especial.

- Payam H.

.I love Simon! He catered my wedding, my brothers and now on to my sisters! The food is delicious, the presentation is outstanding but most importantly Simon is beyond an honest man. He is professional and honest. He does the best job you can ever ask for and more!

                                                                            -Av S.

I hired Simon's Caterers & Special Events for my daughters wedding last month....all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! My guests couldn't stop talking about how delicious the food was and how beautifully set up everything was! He did everything exactly the way we wanted and the pricing is completely reasonable for everything that he does! You're definitely catering my sons wedding next year! Now I see why you've been around for 30 years! Again, thank you so much Simon!

- Afsaneh K

Simon's the best. Did an awesome job at our wedding. Truly a gentleman to work with. Highly recommended.

-Moris A.

The best catering company in Los Angeles. He is so generous and kind. Once you choose Simon Cohen you will never choose anyone else. Thank you so much for everything you are doing.

                                                   -Shahin K.

We couldn't have asked for better food and service for our wedding. The service, decor, and quality was above and beyond anything we expected.
Simon catering did not disappoint, and I recommend them for any grand occasion!


Simon exceeded all of our expectations. Everything was delicious and there was soooooo much food! Our guests thought the horderve were the main course!! Service was excellent, presentation was beautiful and he was great! We will definitely use his services again. Thank you for helping make our special day that much more wonderful.

- Samantha and Rob Goldenberg

Simon is an amazing caterer! He catered my wedding, and I got so many complements and questions about who did the catering. When booking him, he makes it convenient and meets you at your place. He's open to suggestions of foods you want. The food is delicious, abundant, and beautiful! I'm always excited when I'm going to an event that he is catering! My family uses him for weddings in addition to other family gatherings, and we're always happy! Highly recommend!!!

                                                              -Rebecca P.

Excellent!!! I highly recommend Simon. Excellence in every possible way!

                                                 -Robert B.

Simon is a legend for a reason he's got amazing food he is very reasonable when it comes to pricing. He offers the whole package  fruit station, cappuccino station, appetizer station , Persian food , finger food , sit down dinners , Tea station , sweet station , waitress service, bartending service, and much more not to mention he's glad kosher which is a big plus . My experience with of the man has always been wonderful he can pretty much do whatever you need him to . In my opinion he should be the first person you call when looking for Persian cuisine catering and he works with almost any realistic budget always keeping the freshest ingredients. A+++ keep up the good work Simon.

                                                                           -Sharone D.

One of the best out there! He has saved me with my parties many times. He does a great job, food is delicious and portions are large. But most importantly he delivers what he promises. Priceless!

                                                              -Babak D

We had our daughter bat mitzvah event on December 4 2016 & had Simon cater for us. The food was amazing ohh my god , our guests couldn't stop talking about the food & how tasty it was. Simon created a large variety for our event from heavenly sushi  ,Chicken,fish amazing Brazilian meet & endless fruit bar. 
From the first meeting to the end of our event Simon preform above our expectations & stood by his word on everything was planed. 
We gladly recommend him to our friends. 
Thank you Simon.

                                                                       -Ziva A.

We highly recommend Simon's Caterers.

We received numerous wonderful compliments on how wonderful the food was and how great the room looked for our son's Bar Mitzvah.  Simon did a great job making sure there was MORE then enough food and a HUGE variety.

Simon is easy to deal with and worked within our budget at the same time giving us so much more then we expected.

                                                           -Michelle K.

I love Simon! He catered my wedding, my brothers and now on to my sisters! The food is delicious, the presentation is outstanding but most importantly Simon is beyond an honest man. He is professional and honest. He does the best job you can ever ask for and more! 

                                                                                               -Avi S.

Simon catered our wedding and it was unanimously raved about. He is a pro and a holy man, such a pleasure working with him.

                                                                  -Judith P.

Simon's catering is by far the best caterer!!! He is kind and personable and very honest. The quality of his food is unmatched and his prices are very reasonable. He works within your budget to create the most amazing memorable event that will leave your guests asking for his contact info throughout the night. The presentation of his food is out of this world and he can please the pickiest of people. He coordinates your entire event and puts you in touch with the most affordable and profession florists, rental companies and entertainment in the business. He is a one stop shop for all your needs and more. Simon has made all of our occasions the most pleasant, easy and memorable without surprises or hidden costs. He takes the stress out of party planning. Next time show up as a guest to your own party by allowing Simon to cater. Thank you Simon Catering!!!!!

                                                                                          -Malibu D.

I have had the privilege of attending multiple events with Simon’s Caterers & Special Events in charge of the event and I can testify that each and every time they did a fantastic job. The staff at Simon’s Caterers & Special Events are courteous, the food is prepared fresh and made with the best ingredients, and the decor is always tasteful. Simon, Thank you for the wonderful memories.

- Payman Z.

We recently attended a friend's wedding and were really impressed with the delicious food. 

The food would've been considered delicious by anyone's standards (Persian food) but the real shocker was that not only was the food great (and beautiful presentation, like salads in cocktail glasses, sushi display and an impressive tea and pastry area with tons of variety and beautiful fresh fruits and choux pastry with rosewater filling my favorite!) BUT IT WAS ALL GLATT KOSHER. It was raining so I think they had some issues with getting things out on time (main meal served VERY late, even by PST - Persian Standard Time - some guests had left by the time dinner was served) but when it finally came out it was wonderful food. I wish I had more of it to eat right now!

If you are having an event and are in need of a Kosher caterer, contact Simon caterer and see if they meet your requirements. Some of the best Kosher food I've had EVER!

I do not know about the pricing or how pleased our friends who got married were with the caterer, but we were happy to attend!

                                                                               -Maribeth H.


Mr Simon, As a coordinator and party planner that I've worked on most of the weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzva along with you and your team during these 10 years, I was always one of your fan and I've always believed that you are one of the best caterer in LA. On the last wedding that I had with you I really got shocked and surprised and my believed got stronger when I saw that the wedding that suppose to have 650 guest end up to 850 people and you were prepared for them and you generously gave them the best service. The cocktail tables, fruit, sushi .....all the time were filled up by your crew constantly. The quality and quantity of the food was perfect as always. I want to say thank you for all your hard work. It is always my honor and pleasure to work with you, one of the best and professional caterers. Good Bless you and good Luck.

- Floura L. (Coordinator & Party Planner)

Simon’s Caterers & Special Events is awesome. I have personally been to more than 500 events with them. Lots of experience and Great Variety.

- Shahin J.

Great caterer, we have used this catering company for over a decade! Thank you for always making our events tastier with all you guys provide. May we continue to have joyous occasions we can invite you to cater!

​                                                                               -Eliza K.

We used Simon Glatt Kosher catering last night and it was superb from beginning to end! Simon is so warm and easy to work with. He handled coordinating the rentals also and the servers, making it incredibly easy for me to host the event. I will definitely continue working with Simon for years to come! We couldn't be happier!!

                                                   -Sharona R.

Simon had done many of our parties. He is excellent at what he does and very expierenced. My coordinator loved him and we always get compliments on the food when he is catering for us. Thank you Simon. 

                                                                                       -Katrin K.

We used Simon for our wedding and we were pleased. He is a professional, friendly and hard-working perfectionist. His food is so tasty and their is an abundance of it. I liked that he was open to collaborating on new appetizers that especially tickled our fancy. Highly recommend him!

                                                                               -Ava H.

You can't go wrong with Simon you can get everything you want for the right price.  He has beyond experienced and do you really want to take a chance with someone less experienced and professional for your special event? Amazing professional and honest!

                                                                          -Della A.

Simon's Caterers has the best food and service! They will answer your calls and emails as fast as they can. Their staff is very polite and professional. Their menu had all the foods that I enjoy and it tastes amazing! My guest all loved his yummy food! Everyone was asking me for his card. My guest and myself were extremely happy and satisfied. Everyone should have Simon's Caterers for all their events. You won't be disappointed for doing so. I know I wasn't and my family and friends weren't either. Choosing Simon's Caterers would be a smart move!

                                                                   -Michelle G.

I love Simon's food. The best Brazilian BBQ and every where we go his food is full of blessings. Thank you Simon.

                                                                -Elana T.


Wow does this guy know how to cook? Food was amazing and it was presented in such a way that it looked so good you did not want to eat it! Everyone was ecstatic about the food at the event I had and you would be foolish to go look somewhere else. Honestly I could not ask for anything more. Will use them again 1000  percent.  


​                                                            -Rafael K.

I give a 5 star and I write a review to businesses that outperform. I could say that Simon caterers does best in what they do. I got this caterer for so many events like a memorial or even a big house party. They always give extra food and the owner is Sooo nice. The food is soo delicious and tasty! People know when the food is good, it's Simon catering. Highly recommend!!

                                                        -Rachel C.

Hiring Simon was the easiest part of planning my wedding. The variety and quality of the menu satisfied everyone- even the pickiest people I know. Simon brings glatt kosher food to life! I was impressed with the Mexican, Chinese and Japanese food stations, and of course his staple cuisine Persian food was divine. Simon took care of everything, the bar, ice sculptures, patio heaters and linen rentals. He is a one stop shop with great customer service and excellent fresh selections. My experience with Simon was so positive that I continuously refer him to family and friends. We can all agree- Simon is the BEST!! 

- Shirley K. S.

Simon was a joy to work with on my wedding! The food was great. I would work with him anytime.

                                                                      -Kevin K.R.

Best caterer in LA. Period.  Everyone in town knows he's the best kosher caterer.  He has everything at caterings: sushi, Brazilian steak, kabob, chicken, Indian appetizers, vegetarian appetizers, fish, fruit bar, drink bar....EVERYTHING.  Absolutely remarkable

                                                                                                   - Hamid N.


Please contact Simon for a free consultation, where you’ll learn more about what he can do to help create your special event, and how the unique menu provides guests with a healthier, far more interesting experience. For a better idea of capabilities, please read the testimonials below:​

Simon was the best choice for our kosher wedding in Los Angeles. His food was delicious, he works fast, and the setup was beautiful. The guests were thrilled with the vast selection and quality of the food. He even worked with us so to cater a Saturday night wedding, which required quite a lot of coordinating. We are so happy we chose him and highly recommend him for catering events.

                                                                               -Elisa H.

Simon Catering is AMAZING! Simon catered my wedding 3 weeks ago and up until even today I had people calling me and raving about how amazing his food was at the wedding. The décor, the set up, the freshness... I can go on and on. He is definitely the best kosher caterer in LA and I would definitely recommend him. He has been catering all of my family's events and not once did he disappoint. In fact, he exceeded all of our expectations each and every time. He does an amazing set up of stations for the reception and each station is more delicious than the other. The sushi station of all was by far our favorite. Don't hesitate and book Simon, you will be happy!

                                                                                         -Chag E.

We used Simon for our wedding and we were pleased. He is a professional, friendly and hard-working perfectionist. His food is so tasty and their is an abundance of it. I liked that he was open to collaborating on new appetizers that especially tickled our fancy. Highly recommend him!

                                                                   -Melody L.

This is a long overdue review..... as the food is delicious and the service is great.

We were fortunate to have Simon cater at our wedding.  The food is Glatt Kosher and a Rabbi was present to oversee the service the whole night.  At first we were concerned that the food would not be ready as our wedding was on Saturday night.  Simon's crew were present shortly after the Shabbat was over, and they were able to get the initial food served before the Chuppah.  

My wife and I didn't have the time to eat, as we were enjoying the wedding itself.  Nonetheless, we kept on hearing our guests commenting on the food and the music throughout the night.  

Besides the fresh and tasty food served by Simon, we kept on hearing that there was always plenty of food on the tables.  As per our family members who recommended Simon to begin with, he did not fail to deliver food throughout the night.  There was plenty to eat, and we never ran out of food.  Also the food is cooked at the venue itself (outside); thus, I'm assuming it's as fresh as it can get.  At the end of the night, we were given all the food that was left, and for that our family needed three cars for loading.  Needless to say, it took us a week to spread the food as it was a lot. 

Most importantly, I was really relieved by the diligent care given by Simon and his crew.  Simon was present at the wedding the whole time.  Besides him was the Rabbi who made sure the food was served to Kosher standards.  

I would highly recommend him to anyone who'd like to have Kosher food at their engagements, weddings, or other events.

                                                                            -Armin A.

 Simon catering was the most AMAZING catering. He  handled the whole menu and literally made 10 types of    meat, 2 types of fish, a sushi bar, a salad bar, a Brazilian      bbq bar, a fruit station, a dessert station, passed appetizers    and so much more .The food was amazing and the way the     set it up was beautiful. He has a great staff with a manager      at the event to control it.  I can't wait for my next event to        have him there!!

                                                                              -Vered N.

Contact Simon: ​310-466-6333